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The Benefits Of Growing Your Own Vegetables At Home - Go Green Routine

There are dozens of benefits to growing your own vegetables at home. You don’t need space for an entire farm, all you need is a little bit of space outside in your yard or on your patio. Keep reading to learn some of the benefits of growing your own vegetables at home.

Delicious Vegetable Snacks
Unless you try you’ll never know for yourself, but many people agree that vegetables grown in their own backyards taste much better than veggies mass produced and purchased at grocery stores. Your vegetables will be much fresher than you can find at the grocery store too.

Most fruits and vegetables at the grocery stores were picked before they were ripe and then put into a truck filled with synthetic ethylene gas to ripen the produce on its way to their destination. If you take pride in growing organic produce, then you can also rest assured knowing that the food you put into your body is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.

No Harmful Chemicals… Guaranteed!
Do you purchase organic, pesticide free food at the grocery store? How can you be 100% sure that it’s chemical free? The truth is, many produce vendors claim their vegetables are “organic” or “pesticide free” but in reality they’re just using alternative chemicals and pesticides. But you’ve got to think deeper…

What if the soil where those crops grow were exposed to chemicals and pesticides before, or if they were planted next to a crop that uses pesticides? When you grow vegetables at home you can be more diligent to be sure there are no chemical additives or pesticides applied to or anywhere near your plants.

Get A Great Outdoor Exercise
Many people I talk to are so busy that they claim they cannot do everything they want to do all in one day. If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym to workout then gardening can provide your daily dose of exercise. Even if you spend as little as 30 minutes per day tending to your vegetable garden, you’re sure to burn excess calories and lose weight.

Gardening is a unique workout too, as it works several major muscle groups in your body including your legs, arms, back, buttocks and many smaller muscles too. You can also improve your flexibility each time you reach to pick a weeds or bend to plant a seed.

The most exciting part is that by the time your crops are ready for harvest you’ll notice a significant change in your body. The more you look after your garden the more you’ll notice that both you and your plants are looking healthier and more radiant everyday.

Gardening is also a low-impact exercise that doesn’t create any unnecessary pressure on your joints like jogging or other action sports do. Gardening is also the best exercise for people with high blood pressure, heart diseases, bone joint disorders and many other physical ailments.

Save The Environment One Plant At A Time

How can one person growing vegetables in their own backyard begin to save the environment? You, as a concerned citizen, might feel it’s not easy to create a positive impact on the environment by yourself. But the effects of one person can be amazingly profound, especially when the knowledge spreads and hundreds of thousands of people start growing their own plants and vegetables at home.

The truth is, there’s no need to continue cutting down rain forests and devastating habitats, wild animals and indigenous species.┬áIf we grow our own produce and stop purchasing so many commercially grown vegetables then farmers will have no reason to expand their plantations. If demand is lowered and farmers produce less crops, they will also be buying and using less pesticides and harmful chemicals that pollute our rivers and environment.

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